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About Living Expression


Denise Cavanough

Founder, Interior Designer, Counsellor

Denise brings a refreshing approach in the way she supports her clients with interior design, wardrobe consultations and everything else. Sure, her love of cleaning, clearing out the unnecessary, and returning simplicity where complication dwells are the fun tools in her kit, but it's her love of people and supporting them to return (or develop) a flow to their lives, that ultimately is her inspiration for doing what she does.

Denise loves supporting others to come to a place where they can feel the beauty of order in their lives, and how this changes everything.

Denise is known for her warmth and care in the way she supports her clients and guides them in the sometimes uncomfortable processes. Her clients are given room to simply surrender to what may be 'uncomfortable' or 'hidden' and get to what is underneath that is feeding any clutter, stuck-ness, or any lack of joy in the home they keep.

Living Expression's Philosophy

My approach to de-cluttering & everything I do is wholistic ~ it considers the whole person and the whole way we live. This is why I say that clutter is never about the clutter. Simply tidying up can feel wonderful for the initial moment, but often the behaviour comes around again that brings the clutter build up and we still haven't address what that is.

Our homes become ignited when there is true flow. But how do we get that?

Living Expression supports its clients to build true routines, rhythms & daily rituals, allowing life to become much simpler and generate a gentle flow that expands throughout life and the home.


Our homes are always reflecting back to us what we are living. Denise works with clients to discover what is underneath the clutter. When we address this, and make the necessary adjustments, we make earth-shattering changes to our lives.

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