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Wardrobe Consulations

Our Wardrobe Consultations ask the question.... how are you dressing? Do you dress for others, or do you dress for you? Do you dress for comfort, or do you dress to impress? Do you dress to hide, or do you dress to be something or someone else?


If any of those above questions made you uncomfortable, that's OK, there are absolutely no right or wrong answers here. Wardrobe sessions with Denise are super light and fun! Wardrobes aren't serious!


Our bodies have the key to understanding our true style, what makes us feel amazing, alive, gorgeous and sexy. When we dress from this connection we feel completely different in the clothes that we choose to wear. Clothes can be an expression of who we truly are, or they can be something that we only put on without any consideration.

When having a wardrobe consultation with me, I don't come in and throw out all your clothes. Instead, I support you to resource your natural instinct when assessing your wardrobe. You’ll find that by very simply connecting to each piece of clothing you’ll soon realise what needs to stay, and what needs to go. Which clothes are an expression of who you truly are, and which are not. You'll be supported to claim your true expression and from there knowing your style will be something that comes naturally.

There are many ways we can use clothes to express, but do your clothes express the true you?

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