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Decluttering & Spring Cleaning

Decluttering & Spring Cleaning services are your answer to feeling any ounce of complication, distraction, unease, disorder, or discombobulation in your home.


If it's time to restore order, or if you're feeling something missing from your home... a settlement, a flow, then this is the service for you. 


Bring order to your home doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as little as folding your washing, or wiping the kitchen bench. Once you have a starting point then you are allowing the flow, and it works like a conveyer belt. One adjustment leads to the next, the clutter begins to shift and order can be felt. Before you know it, any feeling of overwhelm disappears and the space feels amazing.


Dis-order in the home can be a representation of a lack of flow somewhere else, whether that's within ourselves, in the family, in work, or elsewhere. I support you to reach the deeper understanding of where the dis-order in the home is coming from, so that you can shift it. When this shifts and a settlement is restored, it becomes a marker for you to always return to when something gets in the way.

There is no complication, no trying, it's so simple.

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