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Interior Design

Interior Design is just like Fashion, it's dressing your home in a way that supports you.

It may not be what you had pictured, but it all comes together in an amazing way.

I work with you to discover your home's true design and how the set up of your home is about far more than the aesthetics and what you see. It's about a support system that holds you and the way you live. 

Our homes reflect the quality that we are living in, every aspect of the home is equally important.

It can be easy to complicate and make this hard, but when we let go of the control and allow the flow to happen, we can be surprised at the outcome... something completely different may unfold. 


Interior Design


Decluttering & Spring Cleaning

Decluttering & Spring Cleaning services are your answer to feeling any ounce of complication, distraction, unease, disorder, or discombobulation in your home. If it's time to restore order, or if you're feeling something missing from your home... a settlement, a flow, then this is the service for you.
Order doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as little as folding your washing, or wiping the kitchen bench. Once you have a starting point then you are allowing the flow, and it works like a conveyer belt. One adjustment leads to the next, the clutter begins to shift and order can be felt. Before you know it, any feeling of overwhelm disappears and the space feels amazing.

Dis-order in the home can be a representation of a lack of flow somewhere else, whether that's within ourselves, in the family, in work, or elsewhere. I support you to reach the deeper understanding of where the dis-order in the home is coming from, so that you can shift it. When this shifts and a settlement is restored, it becomes a marker for you to always return to when something gets in the way. There is no complication, no trying, it's so simple.

Wardrobe Consults

Our Wardrobe Consultations ask the question.... how are you dressing? Do you dress for others, or do you dress for you? Do you dress for comfort, or do you dress to impress? Do you dress to hide, or do you dress to be something or someone else? There are no right or wrong answers here, but there are many ways that we can use our clothes to express, but do your clothes express the true you?

Our bodies have the key to understanding our true style, what makes us feel amazing, alive, gorgeous and sexy. When we dress from this connection we feel completely different in the clothes that we choose to wear. Clothes can be an expression of who we truly are, or they can be something that we only put on without any consideration.

When having a wardrobe consultation with me, I don't come in and throw out all your clothes. Instead, I support you to resource your natural instinct when assessing your wardrobe. You’ll find that by very simply connecting to each piece of clothing you’ll soon realise what needs to stay, and what needs to go. Which clothes are an expression of who you truly are, and which are not. You'll be supported to claim your true expression and from there knowing your style will be something that comes naturally.


Wardrobe Consultations

Styling Your Life

"Styling Your Life" Counselling

Our Styling Your Life counselling services support clients to discover their full expression and potential and let that out! When life happens, things can get in the way of feeling that anything is simple and easy, and we don’t even know what flow is. Quite quickly complication and feeling stuck can become our everyday normal, and we can’t seem to get out of it, no matter how hard we feel we’re trying.


Living Expression’s Styling Your Life counselling services use a Person Centred, Strength Based & Motivational approach, allowing you to be regarded in your fullness first, and then together we work back towards your full expression being your everyday, instead of it being something you know is in there somewhere. These counselling sessions are a supportive hand to re-discover the completeness within you.

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