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Ready to style your life  with the declutter queen?

Living Expression offers decluttering, wardrobe consultations, and interior design services that support you in all areas of your home, setting a standard & foundation that flows out into your life.

Walls hold no boundaries.

Living Expression is your support in getting out of the overwhelm and returning to the simplicity of allowing order to flow through your home.

You know that feeling of when you spring-clean your home, and a sense of balance is restored? We all know this feels amazing, but sometimes the process of returning order to your home can feel like you're trying to draw water from a stone. We don't know where to start, we can be in overwhelm, or we are in full avoidance of the fact it needs to be done. Some may find that no matter how often they tidy their home, within hours, the clutter has returned and it's back to square one again.


Why is this? Well, clutter is never only about the clutter. Like everything, your home has a flow to it, and it's either reflecting to you that the space is flowing like a running stream, or that there's some debris blocking the stream somewhere. It's when we choose to stop and address what's going on that is creating a lack-of-flow, that we can free ourselves up to make different choices that can change our lives forever.


Interior Design

Consultations to explore colour, room layout, accessory choices and what it is that most supports you to feel great in your space.

Decluttering & Spring Cleaning

Consultations to support with addressing and clearing patterns & behaviours that cause clutter to build up in our spaces, and hinder flow.

Wardrobe Consultations

These sessions support you to discover what has been holding you back or why you might be hiding your true sass and spunk.

Support in addressing the bigger picture in relationship to all aspects of living life to the full. Using flow, order, and rituals as a foundation..

"Styling Your Life" Counselling

What clients are simply saying...

I realised I had settled for certain aspects of my wardrobe choices, even down to the way I blocked my closet with a swivel chair! This is an example of one of the many great observations Denise made that had previously not even been on my ‘radar’, and for which I am truly grateful. I’m looking forward to continuing this exploration, it feels like a true healing and much more than a simple wardrobe tune-up.

Michael G

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