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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Organised

Let's have some fun and make it really simple. Here are 5 tips for keeping your home organised.

1. Have a Home for Everything and Return Everything to its Home.

It is surprising how many things in our day that we get out and after use we don’t put them away. Accumulating stuff that would much prefer for both you and the item to be returned to its proper location keeps the home tidy and the article protected and safe.

2. Do your Floors First.

I know this sounds a bit backwards but trust me on this one. If you’re stuck and finding it hard to get started don’t focus on what is above the floors stay focused on the floors. You will be amazed at the shift in your home, it detangles everything above to then be able to slip back into place. And don't forget to have fun with it!

3. Pick Just Three Tasks.

This literally changed my life! When I get up in the morning, I do 3 things every day that support me to keep my house tidy. I put on a load of washing, run an orange mop over the timber floors (this takes about 5 minutes at the most) then I wipe down the kitchen benches and backsplash and give them a touch-up. This has been the most amazing thing that I have done in the house, it literally keeps my house organised. Just settle back and let the things that will support you fall into place. It may only be 2 or even 1, but it’s the commitment to the consistency that is what is doing all the work.

4. Clean the Fridge.

The fridge is a major part of the home, it’s something that everyone is continually using, and things can quickly get jumbled up. I give myself a restart at least once a week, usually when I go grocery shopping because this is when it’s most empty. Before I unpack the groceries, I wipe out the fridge, organise what’s already in it, I get out the veggies that are in there and putting the fresher ones to the bottom so that I use anything that was already there first. This just sets the whole household up for the week and makes sure we’re all supported at mealtime. Another little thing that feels great is wiping down the sauce bottles (this is a great job to give the kids).

5. Fold your Clothes.

This could have a list of its own, but for now we will add it here. I love folding my clothes, it’s like my time to connect to my body and its awareness - nothing else has my attention but the clothes! I love to fold each item in a particular way, every piece having its own way to be placed in the draws. About now most of you are probably rolling on the floor, laughing, is she crazy?! But when find little ways to develop a love of that which we have a habit of avoiding then it turns from something we put off or dread, into a supportive ritual. Picture the kids running around playing and here you are settled and folding your clothes. Nothing is ruffling your feathers. This may take a while to settle in but definitely worth the go.

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