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Are You Listening to Your Wardrobe?

Our wardrobes are forever communicating to us, it may be that something needs to be brought out and worn, or maybe it’s that something needs to go, it’s done. Or maybe it’s telling you it needs to be totally reorganised.

In truth our wardrobes should evolve with us, so as our expression grows, then what supports that is having clothes to match. We’ve all experienced our style changing over the years but holding on for dear life to that old article that you once loved, but now when you go to wear it you know it doesn’t match where you’re at. Every time you come across it, you know it’s time to go, but we fight it. Could the communication be louder and clearer?

Do you listen or do you deny what you have felt and persevere? This is how we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes that we don’t wear, don’t like, don’t feel sassy and spunky in.

When this happens it all gets too much; overload takes over and we fall out of love with our wardrobes. Or are we falling out of love with ourselves?

Keep your ears open, listen to what your wardrobe is communicating to you.

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