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The Ritual of Making Your Bed

Rituals are every day things. The way we make our bed not only can start our day off beautifully, but can end our day just as divinely.

Making our beds is one of the first things that we can choose to do each morning, or night whenever you get out of bed. To get out of bed and to make the bed is like you are setting up your day, setting off on the right foot so to speak. From there you can lay your clothes out for the day, order is unfolding as you move, shower, dress, hair and makeup (if that is your thing) then off you go.

My husband and I make our bed together. It’s not always the first thing we do, but we make sure we come back to do it before the day starts. We love this moment because for us we get to work together for just a small moment. We don’t take too long but the precision we go to is never compromised, it’s felt in the way we place the cushions on the bed to complete it, straighten out the doona cover, or fold back the bed cover.

One of the things I really like to do though is smooth out the fitted sheet. Peeling back the covers at the end of the day, after whatever has unfolded, and hoping into a bed that is smooth feels like I’m hoping into fresh sheets every day and this just melts me into a deep surrender.

A bed made with deep care at the start of your day is like a gift to yourself at the end of the day. Priceless.

If you have yet to explore your bed making ritual, I highly recommend you enjoy exploring this and bringing you own nuances to it.

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